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earth boutique, a unique marketplace that SOURCES, PROMOTES, SELLS sustainable and ethical products & services

our story

From a young age, I have embraced strong sustainable, ethical and social values, along with a profound love for travel and the oceans. Driven by a mission of shaping a better future, I envision businesses, innovation, and education as transformative forces for positive change.

Upon becoming a mother, I knew I had to make responsible choices to have a positive impact on the environment. I needed to ensure a sustainable future for my children to enjoy the wonders of our planet Earth. I found it quite challenging to find the resources to do so.

While understanding the challenges that face consumption habits and with unique ideas to strengthen and establish new responsible trends, I decided to use my skills and the strong network I have developed throughout my career to create Earth Boutique.

This cross-sector approach is the long-needed solution for consumers to easily access ethical and eco-friendly choices on a single platform while encouraging businesses to embrace ethical and sustainable models.

I am looking forward to taking you on this sustainable journey!


Founder & CEO

EARTH BOUTIQUE AIMS to empower consumers
and encourage businesses to evolve

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Empowering a community

Earth Boutique empowers a socially & eco-conscious community to anchor conscious consumerism and make a positive impact on the environment.

Upholding the Power of the purse

By providing easy access to sustainable choices on a single platform, Earth Boutique allows you to exercise the power of the purse and vote with your dollars.


We support sustainable businesses and inspire others by promoting their efforts, from environmental practices to the support of local communities.

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our story