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earth boutique, a unique marketplace that SOURCES, PROMOTES, SELLS sustainable and ethical products & services

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Sustainable GoodsSustainable Goods

Sustainable Goods

Uphold a sustainable lifestyle journey, and shop responsibly to reduce your environmental impact

Sustainable Food & BeveragesSustainable Food & Beverages

Sustainable Food & Beverages

Eco-friendly and ethical choices at your finger tips to do good to your body while cherishing our planet resources

Sustainable TravelSustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

Find your dream journey, reduce your environmental impact while contributing to its preservation and supporting local communities

EARTH BOUTIQUE AIMS to empower consumers
and encourage businesses to evolve

Let your choices resonate

Empowering a community

Earth Boutique empowers a socially & eco-conscious community to anchor conscious consumerism and make a positive impact on the environment.

Upholding the Power of the purse

By providing easy access to sustainable choices on a single platform, Earth Boutique allows you to exercise the power of the purse and vote with your dollars.


We support sustainable businesses and inspire others by promoting their efforts, from environmental practices to the support of local communities.

Greenwashing is real. many brands and hotels claim to be sustainable, while they are not.
Making sure to provide you with ethical & sustainable choices while shedding light on our partners’ efforts to better understand their initiative and impact is our priority

sustainability criteria

We carefully source the products and services listed on Earth Boutique, each organization must comply and match with at least 65% of sector-specific sustainability criteria. Interested in getting listed? Contact us to get your score!

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